Shri Sai Baba

Shri Shirdi sai baba life history.

Image Right In the beginning of 18th century a young man has arrived at shirdi mosque and took shelter out there. At the start he spoke very limited and his sparkling eyes were the answer for everyone’s enquires. After a while the curious peoples in that village started giving him food. But he never demanded anything from them and even shared food with the needy and animals too. Slowly he started showering his impeccable knowledge towards the people thru his interactive sessions with them. Gradually he started explaining his view points to the people. His simple way of speech was the key aspect among the people. He has shown his unique power to heal the villager’s sufferings and sickness.

In no time people realised that shri shridi sai baba is not an ordinary man like them but a man posse’s godly power. Baba always preached his principals of faith and love in humanity. A true servant of humanity can only attain the ultimate destination of reaching almighty god.

As the time passed, devotees started flowing in huge numbers. Shirdi was rapidly transforming into a pilgrimage centre. Presentations, gifts were flowed in. Baba used to address a huge number of devotees everyday and resolved their illness and problems then and there. The fakir’s life remained unaltered stayed calm and undisturbed.

Shridi sai baba was a strong believer of equality, uniformity of all religion across the globe. Shri sai baba never differentiated any one based on their race cast, religion, creed and all those separating factors. He had shown his powers by healing the sufferings of poor peoples and those acts were miracles. People recognised his godly powers.

Sai baba strongly believed in uniformity of religion and he never distinguished anyone on the basis of caste, creed or religion. He performed miracles as well to alleviate the sufferings of poor. At one instance he restored a blind. Baba left his body on 15th oct 1918 on his own will. His body was cremated in the samdhi mandir, known as booty.

Baba's interactions and preaches with the common man were his messages towards all mankind. He showed the mankind to live in harmony.

Sai babas living style was pretty ordinary, he interacted with common folks like a penniless fellow; He was wearing an old torn kafni, rested his head on an ordinary brick and slept over a torn mat. His face was radiating a mysterious presence with a smile and an inward deep look. Believers considered him as an avatar of lord Krishna. His behaviour and actions were confirming the same. God saibaba descended on earth to serve the mankind to free them from sufferings and fears.

" Why Fear while i am here " Was one of his concise messages to everyone. He was beyond all limitations of space and time, cast, position and creed. No one really knew his actual parentage, from where he came or which religion he was in. His attitude towards fellow beings is filled with awareness of true love, patience, understanding and faith. One must take refuge in shri shirdi sai baba to reach the spiritual oasis of love and to conceive the ever cherishing source of spiritual energy.