Sacred body of sri shirdi sai baba rests in Samadhi mandir. The articles and books handled by sri sai are displayed and preserved with utmost care in a separate room here. All poojas, rituals, abhishek and aratis are performed in this mandir. One of babas devotee from Nagpur owns this place. Sai baba wanted to keep an idol of sri Krishna here. However sri sai is considered as human incarnation lord muralidhra (Sree krishna).
The Samdhi mandir is constructed with marble stones, white in colour. Ornamental decorations are given to the railings around it. The idol of shri sai kept over this place is a marvellous one, constructed with Italian marbles. This was made up around 1954 by late balaji vasant.
This temples assembly hall can carry about 600 devotees at a time. Sri sai babas life is been picturised in the 1st floor. On Ramanavmi, Dassera, and Gurupoornima days temple kept open at night. Daily darshan begins from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Sri sai baba first took shelter at Dwarakamai, before his arrival this was an old mosque in a perishable condition. Baba renovated it into dwarakamai and proved the world that there is only one god.
He had shown miracles at this revered place. Resolved problems of poor and cured their sickness and emptied their worries forever.
Oil painted portrait of sai baba can be seen in the 1st level of this mandir and it is a real attraction of this place. You can see a big stone, where baba used to sit.

Sai baba made frequent visits at chawdi mandir.
Babas belongings are displayed here such as his wooden bed and white chair.
A large portrait of Baba is visible at one part of chawadi. Baba came to shirdi as a young saint and first recognised while he was sitting under a neem tree. This place is named as gurusthan.

Lendi baug is situated near to gurusthan.
Baba took care of making this garden by watering it on daily basis.
Khandoba temple is located on the main road.
The pujari of this temple welcomed baba by calling “Aao sai”